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The Pomeranian Regional Development Agency from Slupsk in Poland would like to cordially invite to a business seminar on Polish ecotechnologies. Register today and meet us at Agromek!
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Nowadays most of the industry need to reduce costs through the use of more efficient equipment and the use of non-polluting environmental solutions in order to obtain better products and services. In this connection we would like to present the companies that offer and implement this types of solutions (detailed companies profiles here).

This fall a Pomeranian Company mission is coming to Denmark during the Agromek 2014 fair. It is a great opportunity to meet and find business, technology or research partner. Together we will experience a meeting with several innovative companies and highly skilled professionals in energy efficient and clean technologies. Companies doing business with the ecotechnologies, having interest in & and innovative approach to the clean products and services field, are the most welcome guests! Let's develop cooperation between Polish and Danish companies!

During the seminar you will get to know the overview of the Polish-Danish economic cooperation, potential of eco-technologies in Pomerania region and gain practical info about entering the Polish market.

Information in Danish: Please visit the portal here

Event type: seminar

Time: Wednesday, 26 November 2014, starts at 15:00

Place: MCH, Vardevej 1, DK-7400 Herning
Confernece room: M21+M22 (South Entrance, Hall M)

Programme: download here

Price: free of charge, but requires registration (please follow down the page to fill up the form)
(food & drinks included)

Pomeranian Regional Development Agency, Slupsk Technology Incubator,
Polish-Danish Chamber of Commerce

Trade and Investment Promotion Section of Polish Embassy in Copenhagen
Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce

Contact person:
Bartosz Switala – Project Manager, Tel.: +48 604 450 206, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Pomeranian Regional Development Agency

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 Polish companies

Logo flowair h100The FLOWAIR company was founded in 2003 and a few years later became a well-known expert in economic heating and ventilation of medium and big cubature buildings. The history of the company consists of a long list of innovations and improvements. FLOWAIR has a complete heating and ventilation system for industrial and public buildings. The offer includes a cost-efficient ductless ventilation, efficient air curtains and a wide range of units for air heating.


Logo stakom h100The company STAKOM Sp. z o. o.was established in 2002 and is a daughter company
of PPHH Metals Works, which exists in the metal industry since 1975. The company was created because of large demand in the market for metal containers. Experience and Quality developed by Metals Works is, to this day, successfully continued at Stakom. The core of our business is the manufacturing of metal products, such as: Metal Rolonof Containers and Skips; Tip Trailers for MERCEDES, SCANIA, VOLVO, DAF; Trailers used in agriculture. 95% of our products are exported to: Netherlands, Germany, Austria,Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Finland.


Logo SolPower h100Solpower operates in the renewable energy sector. The company's goal is to promote clean, modern and safe methods of energy generation from renewable sources. We have the necessary expertise to provide advisory services in the field of renewable energy, among others: solar collectors and photovoltaic panels. The greatest attention focused on the design, installation and service of solar and photovoltaic installations. The service is based on a comprehensive implementation of the investment from conceptual design to commissioning. We do installations for the purpose of single-family homes, communities, housing associations, industrial facilities, public institutions, livestock facilities, and agricultural drying in the agricultural sector. The company plans to make offers for the provision of services in the field of energy generation from biogas.


Logo Ekoinbud h100Company PB EKOINBUD was created for operating in the scope of ecology, construction projects and realization. Since the founding, PB EKOINBUD is a thriving company, adaptive on market and bold in action. The qualities disticting our company are comprehensive construction works, including restoration and maintenance with usage of newest technologies. Every undertaking which PB EKOINBUD approaches is carefully examined with assistance of the best professionals of their domain. Thanks to that, the accomplishments of PB EKOINBUD are their pride. The company thriving in constructions, reached out for a project of a vast energetic network based on renewable energy sources. The new biogas plant will give the chance to achieve the potential of polish agriculture and gain more independence from the fragile and ever-changing market of energy resources. Biogas plants based on agriculture allow to easily and fast fermentation the organic waste for biogas generation.


Logo ekowat h100Designing, implementing modern solutions and technologies using renewable energy sources, particularly wind farms, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, biogas. Development projects in the field of renewable energy. EKOWAT WIND SP. Z O.O. SP.K. provides consulting services in all stages of development of wind farm projects for Investors and Developers locating their projects in Poland.



Detailed companies profiles here

EKOWAT deals with the implementation of modern solutions and technologies using renewable energy sources. We specialize in planning investments in wind farms, photovoltaic and hydroelectric power plants.