Baner 1-EN-misja-finlandia w300Pomeranian Regional Development Agency from Slupsk is organising another trade mission to Scandinavia. Sector: ICT. Period: Week 17th, during ITCexpo 2015 in Helsinki.



Pomeranian Regional Development Agency from Slupsk is organising another trade mission to Scandinavia. Five Pomeranian ICT companies along with regional business support institutions will be promoting themselves in Finland.

 Press release in Finnish (download)

SAM 0403The mission will take place between 21 and 23 April 2015 during ICTexpo 2015 in Helsinki.
The programme includes meetings with Finnish companies, B2B talks, and as part of exchange of good practices, study visits to science and technology parks and clusters.

- „Five companies from the region have applied to take part in the mission. They hail mainly from the Tricity or Slupsk. We have managed to create a very interesting portfolio. Apart from providing support for the companies, we will be promoting investment attractiveness of the region, highlighting IT business potential. Joining us as part of the delegation will be partners from Invest In Pomerania as well as Interizon of–Pomeranian ICT Cluster. Before leaving on a mission we are going to organise a workshop for participants offering practical advice on how to cooperate with the Finns as well as dealing with cultural differences that affect business relations." – says Bartosz Świtała, the Head of the Project.

The delegation will include 5 companies in total. Each offers very interesting and innovative solutions that they want to promote in Finland. Portfolio of the participants to be download here.


holonglobe person„We believe that the most efficient way to learn is by having fun. This belief led us to create a line of modern business games that educate, entertain and inspire. To increase intrinsic motivation we employ the idea of gamification. Gamification is the name, motivation is the game! We are looking for companies and institutions that wish to utilize this idea in developing their business environment and employees." – says Oleg Dziewanowski, the Board President of Holonglobe Sp. z o.o. in Gdynia describing his product „Play4Skills".



volanto personAnother Gdynia-based company is Volanto Sp. z o.o., which deals with business centred projects, concentrating most of their efforts on developing business process-supporting systems. During the mission to Finland they will be seeking companies running IT projects as well as businesses which are looking for solutions to optimise a variety of service, sales, logistics, and production processes with assistance of IT. „We also cater for the needs of companies in foreign markets by offering support in carrying out their projects with the project team lease facility. Development of activities on the Scandinavian market is a natural continuation of the export strategy which started on US market." – sums up Michał Mysiak from Volanto.


Nearshoring personPiotr Rocławski of Nearshoring Solutions, a company from Gdansk Starter Incubator, points out that „Finland is a country that could appreciate our high quality IT products and services. We are competitive in many ways. Therefore, we expect that an organized trip and a trade mission will help us in establishing relationships with Scandinavian entrepreneurs and, as a result, in getting benefits concerning new innovative solutions as well as new clients."



systemy personApart from software house companies, Systemy DK from Slupsk which carries out complete telecom and ICT projects, is taking part in the mission. „I am personally very interested in taking part in the Finnish ICTexpo which covers the profile of my business. Trying to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services, we offer design, and execution of projects. We also specialise in broadly defined ICT." – says Dawid Krętkowski, the owner of Systemy DK.



CRT personThe trade mission to Finland is not only about business to business meetings. The participants are searching for partners for joint projects, including with new European financial perspective in view between years 2014 and 2020. CRT Capital from Gdańsk represents that group. „The main aim of the mission is to set up international cooperation, build project consortiums within Horizon 2020 programme, and to exchange experiences in managing commercialisation processes." – emphasises Marcin Kowalik – the President of CRT Capital Sp. z o.o. and Board Member of Interizon Foundation.


"Meetings with potential partners in Finland will also enable to collect feedback on the new idea of the IT projects development process prepared by the Company" – added Michał Mysiak from Volanto.

The trade mission has active support of Trade and Investment Promotion Department of the Polish Embassy in Helsinki and the Finnish partners, including: Rapid Action Group, Otaniemi Technology Hub, Espoo Innovation Garden and Polish-Finnish Chamber of Commerce. In conjunction with the Embassy on 22nd April 2015 we will be holding a Polish-Finnish business seminar combined with networking meeting for the companies that will take place during ICTexpo: Poland-Finland - Let's create an innovative bridge! The aim is to promote Pomeranian potential across ICT – the sector with the greatest investment advantage. Details regarding the event can be found here.

- „Last year was record-breaking for Pomeranian Region in terms of number of investments in the IT sector. In 2014 alone our region saw new additions in the form of such companies as: SMT Software, PGS Software, Powel, Epam, Schibsted, Movo, three of which come from Scandinavia (Powel, Schibsted, Movo). These numbers reflect a growing interest of the Nordics in our region. In order to build business relationships in the Baltic area effectively, it is essential that our domestic companies start showing a greater interest in the Scandinavian market." – said Anton Koval, ICT Project Manager, Invest in Pomerania., Invest in Pomerania.

It will be the sixth edition of ICTexpo in Helsinki and the event will offer two days full of innovations, and inspiration. It will be one of the biggest professional IT-shows in Scandinavia with cutting-edge solutions from the sector. It will be closely connected and held simultaneously along „Talous 2015" - a platform for exchange of ideas and business innovations in the area of modern business economy.

IP2-Team photo-cut-web- „So far we have conducted 4 trade missions to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Germany. Currently our project team is getting ready to organise another mission to Finland. We are also planning an international conference aimed at strengthening cooperation and exchange of experiences. Slupsk will see partners from the previously visited countries come together to exchange their experiences regarding development of modern solutions, as well as to discuss the vision of implementing joint ideas and projects in the fields of ICT, renewable energy and ecotechnology." – sums up Mirosław Kamiński, the President of PRDA.

The trade mission is organised by Pomeranian Regional Development Agency (PRDA) within the framework of the „Invest in Pomerania II – Promotion of Investment Attractiveness of Pomerania in Scandinavia and Germany" project cofinanced under the Pomorskie Regional Operational Programme for the years 2007-2013.

The honorary patronage: the Ministry of Economy, the Marshall of Pomorskie Province, the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency. The missions also receive support of the Scandinavian Polish Chamber of Commerce.

PRDA administers the Slupsk Special Economic Zone and Slupsk Technology Incubator. For the past 20 years it has been supporting development of entrepreneurship and business activity of companies in Pomerania.


The Project Team keeps thums up for participants to succeed during the mission!