logo PARR plPomeranian Regional Development Agency JSC was set up in 1994. Since the establishment all ours activities have been dedicated to harmonious cooperation with enterprises, business-associated institutions and local authorities. Our mission statement is initiation, promotion and support of initiatives by providing highest quality services.

logo SSSE plPRDA JSC administrates Slupsk Special Economic Zone, which is one of the most important tool used to support economical development of Pomerania Region. Słupsk SEZ has 824 hectares of investment areas. Our investors have invested over 1,4 b PLN, and established nearly 4000 new jobs within the Zone and about 1000 jobs in the Zone’s vicinity (1 job in the Zone generates average 0,25 jobs outside the Zone). 

sit logo plPRDA JSC supports moderneconomy, which is based on innovations. We have built the Słupsk Technological Incubator. STI was officially opened in October 2012. Incubator is a very special and unique place in the Slupsk region. It offers an advantageousconditions to develop innovative projects. STI gives opportunities and allows to establish therelations between the zonal companies, localbusinessscientific and research institutions and business-associated institutions. 

PRDA JSC conducts a number of activities to support clusters by joining efforts of scientific andresearchsector and business sector. Slupsk SEZ with the Slupsk Technological Incubator are one of the most important catalysts for sustainable social-economic development nowadays.

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The main tasks of Regional Develpment Department are among others:

  • to provide information about available European grants as well as how to obtain finance for setting up or developing business activity;
  • to support trade organizations through establishing con-nections and cooperation which is aimed at supporting cooperation between different entities;
  • implementation of projects which aim at development of  entrepreneurship in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, particularly in the areas within the Słupsk district and municipality;
  • assistance in searching for investment locations in cities and municipalities in Pomeranian and West Pomeranian Voivodeships.



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 Entered by: Bartosz Switala