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Source: Stako sp. z o.o.

Pomeranian Regional Development Agency JSC promotes investments in renewable energy sources sector. We also act for the establishment of the Baltic Centre for Renewable Energy. We work with many companies representing the renewable energy sector. We organize conferences and seminars regarding to renewable energy.

During the construction and equipping of the Slupsk Technology Incubator facility we used advanced technology, materials and renewable energy solutions, such as: installation of photovoltaic cells on the glass facade of the building on the south side, double glass facade to the east in order to stop the escape of heat, the use of an absorption heat pump gas power, recuperation, water tank filled with rainwater from the roof (acting also as recreational running fountains), the use of solar systems for water heating (supplement domestic hot water heating system - used a set of vacuum solar panels), installation of sump and sewage separator for rain water and snowmelt from the contaminated areas.

Entered by: Bartosz Switala