Subzone "Słupsk - Westerplatte"

Area: 38,4683 ha (Available plot no 536, area 2,3822ha)

Established: 2012 (regulation – Dz.U. 2012 poz. 360)

Location: The Subzone consists of one investment complex of plots: no. 26/2 (20,7837 ha), no. 6 (1,8113 ha), 36/4 (15,3556 ha), no. 33/1 (0,5177 ha). Total area of the complex is: 38,4683 ha.

The site is located in the south-eastern part of the City of Slupsk and is situated next to the Slupsk’s bypass (Express Road no. S6).


  • National Road/Express Road/Motorway:
    Express Road no. S6 (Szczecin-Gdańsk)
  • Airport
    Gdańsk, Rębiechowo (120 km)  
  • Sea Port:
    Gdynia (105 km)
    Ustka (30 km)
  • Railway station/Railway siding:
    Słupsk (11 km)  

Zoning: According to the local spatial development plan for the Slupsk’s District “Przy Obwodnicy”: production, warehousing, storage facilities. 

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