Słupsk Special Economic Zone (SSEZ), managed by the Pomeranian Agency for Regional Development S.A. with its registered office in Słupsk, covers attractively located investment plots in the central part of Pomerania. The zone consists of 18 sub-zones covering a total of over 910.1585 ha, located in the Pomeranian and West Pomeranian Voivodships. All investment areas covered by the status of special economic zones will be operational until 31.12.2026.

In accordance to the Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of August 29, 2018 regarding the determination of areas and assigning them to managers (Dz. 2018, item 1698), the entire country has been included in the Polish Investment Zone program. The area under the management of the Słupsk Special Economic Zone covers 16 poviats, located in three voivodships: Pomeranian (5 poviats and 1 city with poviat status), West Pomeranian (8 poviats and 1 city with poviat status) and Greater Poland (1 poviat). The SSE Managing Authority's area of activity is the western part of the Pomeranian Voivodship (NUTS 3: Słupsk and Chojnicki Subregions), the eastern part of the West Pomeranian Voivodship (NUTS 3: Koszalin and Szczecinecko-Pyrzycki Subregions) and one poviat located in the north of the Wielkopolskie Voivodship (NUTS 3: Pilski Subregion).

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Słupsk SEZ subzones

in Pomeranian Voivodeship: in West Pomeranian Voivodeship:
  • Subzone "Słupsk-Włynkówko" 100,2801 ha
  • Subzone "Słupsk-Westerplatte" 38,4683 ha
  • Subzone "Redzikowo" 63,3665 ha
  • Subzone "Wieszyno" 82,1608 ha
  • Subzone "Ustka" 9,1497 ha
  • Subzone "Debrzno" 9,8736 ha
  • Subzone "Czarne" 7,9157 ha
  • Subzone "Lębork" 18,7968 ha
  • Subzone "Płaszewko" 7,7796 ha
    Summary: 337,7911 ha
  • Subzone "Koszalin" 150,1655 ha
  • Subzone "Szczecinek" 97,6339 ha
  • Subzone "Wałcz" 56,7961 ha
  • Subzone "Polanów" 37,0116 ha
  • Subzone "Laski Koszalińskie" 17,5800 ha
  • Subzone "Tychowo" 5,0448 ha
  • Subzone "Karlinko" 180,0846 ha
  • Subzone "Kalisz Pomorski" 9,3866 ha
  • Subzone "Darłowo" 18,6643 ha
    Summary: 572,3674 ha

Total areas covered by the status of Słupsk SEZ to 31.12.2026r.: 910,1585 ha

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