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Subzone "Wieszyno"

Area: 82,1608 ha (Whole area available)

Established: 2012 (regulation - Dz.U. 2012 poz. 360)

Location: The site is neighbouring area to the Subzone “Redzikowo” in the Wieszyno place. It is located in 5 km away from the City of Slupsk, along the National Road no. 6 (a part of an International Road no. E-28, Berlin-Kaliningrad), next to the bypass ring “Redzikowo” - the Slupsk’s Bypass, Express Road no. 6 (Szczecin-Gdańsk). Connection to Slupsk City Centre is provided by the Municipal Transportation Company.


  • National Road/Express Road/Motorway:
    Express Road no. S6 (Szczecin-Gdańsk)
  • Airport:
    Gdańsk, Rębiechowo (125 km)
  • Sea Port:
    Gdynia (105 km)

    Ustka (27 km)
  • Railway station/Railway siding:
    Słupsk (7,5 km)

Zoning: According to the local spatial development plan for the"Redzikowo-Wieszyno Area" of the Commune of Slupsk:
production, warehousing, storage facilities, logistics, travelers' point services

Click and see video of Redzikowo-Wieszyno and Słupsk-Włynkówko filmed by drone

 redzikowo 11 DJI00543  DJI00553 

Photos: PRDA JSC & Multiprojekt

Entered by: Bartosz Switala